Careers for Animal Lovers

Careers for Animal Lovers by Louise Miller

By: Louise Miller

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Enjoy a career working with your best friends--animals!

Are you the type to choose a trip to the zoo over a ball game? Were you the family member who always came home with a stray dog? Are your shelves filled with books about animals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are an animal lover--now all you need is an occupation that satisfies your compassion for animals.

Careers for Animal Lovers & Other Zoological Types provides all the information you need to get started on landing the job of your dreams, including inside information on everyday routines of selected jobs, working conditions within the field, and alternate sources to enhance your job search. Use the advice provided here and you'll:

Decide which specific profession is best for you

Make the right choices the first time around

Begin your job search focused and confident

Present yourself as a knowledgeable, serious job candidate

Animals are people, too! You can work as an:

animal attendant * trainer * zoo curator * veterinarian * ornithologist * pet sitter * aquarist * animal transporter
Publication Date:
10 / 04 / 2007

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