Careers in Social and Rehabilitation Services

Careers in Social and Rehabilitation Services by Geraldine Garner
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Give your future some positive therapy and enjoy a successful career

Careers that involve helping people are tremendously rewarding; they also offer diverse opportunities. In order to decide what job route is best for you, you need to begin with a clear plan: What will you specialize in? Do you need an advanced degree or certificate? How will you find the right position? Careers in Social and Rehabilitation Services has the answers. Here, you'll discover all the information you need to find a satisfying and secure job doing what you love. Whether you want to work at a not-for-profit, become a physical therapist, or be a career counselor, this guide will help you:

Clearly understand your various career options

Key in on the specialty best suited for you--from psychology to social work to rehabilitation services

Know what to expect when you start out

Find the education and training you'll need to stay ahead of the competition

Familiarize yourself with current salaries, benefits, and the best job prospects
Publication Date:
21 / 03 / 2008

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