Carolan's Concerto

Carolan's Concerto by Caiseal Mor
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111 x 176mm

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A Toast to the Three Great Pastimes of Old Ireland: Music, Storytelling and Whiskey

Ireland in the 18th century. Fervent young rebel Edward Sutler is on the run from the English redcoats and there is a price on his head. When all seems lost fate steps in and help comes from an unexpected quarter. Edward finds himself sitting by a fire between two old blind men - Hugh O'Connor the distiller and Denis Hempson the harper, both fond of a drink, a story, a bit of mischief. And a captive audience.

Hugh begins the rollicking tale of Turlough O'Carolan, one of Ireland's best-loved harpers, whose music was said to have been a gift from the King and Queen of the Faeries. Little by little, as Denis's harp-playing and Hugh's wicked home-made whiskey start to take effect, Edward finds himself seduced by the magical life of Carolan . . . not to mention the feminine wiles of the distiller's pretty grand-daughter Mhairghead.

But the young rebel had best be careful. If the English don't ensnare him, an intoxicating web of Irish enchantment will . . .
Publication Date:
02 / 06 / 2000
111 x 176mm

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