Casebook on Contract Law

Casebook on Contract Law by Jill Poole
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Jill Poole's bestselling Casebook on Contract Law provides students with a comprehensive selection of case law which addresses all aspects of the subject encountered on undergraduate courses. Extracts have been chosen from a wide range of historical and contemporary cases to illustrate the reasoning processes of the courts and to show how legal principles are developed. The cases can be analysed and discussed independently while, taken as a whole, the chapters provide a sound understanding of the modern law of contract. Key features: An introductory chapter provides valuable guidance on how to use a casebook to help you develop the essential skill of reading and analysing cases Cases are accompanied by succinct author commentary designed to highlight the key elements of each case The two colour text design distinguishes case extracts from author commentary ensuring the book is easy to use and navigate throughThe casebook is fully supported by an Online Resource Centre, which provides: Exercises and guidance on reading cases Self-test questions and answers Guidance on how to answer problem-style questions Updates
Publication Date:
12 / 07 / 2012

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