Cat People by Michael & Margaret Korda
By: Michael & Margaret Korda
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127 x 181mm

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A hilariously entertaining look at the world of cat lovers and their obsessive devotion to their pets.

With characteristic wit, self-effacing charm and sheer, exuberant love of a good cat story, New York Times best-selling author Michael Korda and his wife Margaret Korda recount their lives as 'cat people', beginning with Margaret's passion for cats (and Michael's reluctant mid-life transformation into a cat person), and introducing readers to a hilarious assortment of people whose life revolves -- often to an extraordinary degree -- around their cat, or cats, from Cleopatra a transatlantic traveler who found happiness in Paris to Wally, the epitome of feline dignity.

Here are people who just can't say no to another cat, who 'world-travel' with their cat, who build their social life around their cats -- and of course the cats themselves, for the Kordas celebrate the beguiling power of cats, including many of their own, who have complemented, complicated and changed their lives together over the years. Here are charming, often hilarious and sometimes sad portraits of such cats as Margaret's beloved Irving, whose favourite abode was the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and Mumsie, who arrived unexpectedly at the door with her two kittens, and special cats like Jake and the gentle Chutney, as well as 'difficult' cats like Chui and poor Mrs. Bumble, and Mr. McT., the bully who found love late in life. Here are graceful cats and cats like Kit-Kat that never look before they jump, in short, countless cats the reader will never forget, even those with many cats of their own.
Publication Date:
22 / 11 / 2006
127 x 181mm

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