Catwatching: The Essential Guide To Cat Behaviour

Catwatching: The Essential Guide To Cat Behaviour by Desmond Morris

07 / 07 / 2003

Decode the private world of your cat with Desmond Morris's bestselling guide to feline behaviour.

The personality of your cat is a fascinating mixture of affection and independence. You may think you know him as he purrs in your lap, but come across a cat in the street on a dark night, amidst a soap-opera scene of sex and violence, and it's easy to think he suffers from a dual personalty.

However, each ear twitch and tail flick has a meaning. Every single cat carries an inheritance of amazing sensory capacities, vocal utterances, body language and territorial displays. By answering such questions as What does a cat signal with its ears? Why does your cat tear at the fabric of your chair? Why does a cat rub up against your leg? Why does a cat hiss? Why does a cat swing its head from side to side when staring at its prey? Desmond Morris gives an extraordinary insight into the nature of your cat.
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