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What if your first love was your soulmate and perfect sexual partner but you made the mistake of letting them go? Chances is the true story of the most erotic of love affairs, of the most intense and rewarding relationship possible between a man and a woman - a relationship that blossomed out of heartbreak. It started with teenage love at first sight for Penny and James and was shattered a few years later by the realities of adult life and family expectations. Like Romeo and Juliet, the young lovers were forced apart by circumstances and they were sucked into unhappy marriages. Unlike Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers, however, they were to be given a second chance, eighteen years after their first meeting, when their marriages collapsed and they found each other again. Since coming back together they have discovered the most profound secrets of happiness, exploring their sexuality and venturing into areas of experimentation that many imagine but few get to taste for themselves. Penny and James never believed they would be able to give their love a second chance but they were lucky. When their second chance came along they grabbed it with both hands and never let go again.
Publication Date:
04 / 02 / 2015

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