Chapters of Brazils Colonial History 1500-1800

Chapters of Brazils Colonial History 1500-1800 by Joao Capistrano de Abreu

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In Chapters in Brazils Colonial History, Capistrano de Abreu created an integrated history of Brazil in a landmark work of scholarship that is also a literary masterpiece. Abreu offers a startlingly modern analysis of the past, based on the role of the economy, settlement, and the occupation of the interior. In these pages, he combines sharp portraits of dramatic events--close fought battles against Dutch occupation in the 1650s, Indian resistance to often brutal internal expansion--with insightful social history. A master of Brazils ethnographic landscape, he provides detailed sketches of daily life for Brazilians of all stripes. Superbly translated by Arthur A. Brakel and edited by Stuart Schwartz and Fernando Novais, this Brazilian classic has never before available in English. Chapters in Brazils Colonial History opens Brazils rich, fascinating past to the general reader, and offers scholars access to a great turning point in historical scholarship.
Publication Date:
30 / 09 / 1998

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