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A practical, concise guide to chemical engineering principles and applications

Chemical Engineering: The Essential Reference is the condensed but authoritative chemical engineering reference, boiled down to principles and hands-on skills needed to solve real-world problems. Emphasizing a pragmatic approach, the book delivers critical content in a convenient format and presents on-the-job topics of importance to the chemical engineer of tomorrow—OM&I (operation, maintenance, and inspection) procedures, nanotechnology, how to purchase equipment, legal considerations, the need for a second language and for oral and written communication skills, and ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) topics for practicing engineers. This is an indispensable resource for anyone working as a chemical engineer or planning to enter the field.

Praise for Chemical Engineering: The Essential Reference:

“Current and relevant...over a dozen topics not normally addressed...invaluable to my work as a consultant and educator.” —Kumar Ganesan, Professor and Department Head, Department of Environmental Engineering, Montana Tech of the University of Montana

“A much-needed and unique book, tough not to like...loaded with numerous illustrative examples...a book that looks to the future and, for that reason alone, will be of great interest to practicing engineers.” —Anthony Buonicore, Principal, Buonicore Partners

Coverage includes:

Basic calculations and key tables

Process variables

Numerical methods and optimization

Oral and written communication

Second language(s)

Chemical engineering processes



Fluid flow

Heat transfer

Mass transfer operations

Membrane technology

Chemical reactors

Process control

Process design

Biochemical technology

Medical applications

Legal considerations

Purchasing equipment

Operation, maintenance, and inspection (OM&I) procedures

Energy management

Water management


Project management

Environment management

Health, safety, and accident management

Probability and statistics

Economics and finance


Open-ended problems
Publication Date:
14 / 10 / 2013

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