Chemistry of the Upper and Lower Atmosphere

Chemistry of the Upper and Lower Atmosphere by Jr. James N. Pitts

By: Jr. James N. Pitts

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Here is the most comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of one of the hottest areas of chemical research. The treatment of fundamental kinetics and photochemistry will be highly useful to chemistry students and their instructors at the graduate level, as well as postdoctoral fellows entering this new, exciting, and well-funded field with a Ph.D. in a related discipline (e.g., analytical, organic, or physical chemistry, chemical physics, etc.). Chemistry of the Upper and Lower Atmosphere provides postgraduate researchers and teachers with a uniquely detailed, comprehensive, and authoritative resource. The text bridges the "gap" between the fundamental chemistry of the earth's atmosphere and "real world" examples of its application to the development of sound scientific risk assessments and associated risk management control strategies for both tropospheric and stratospheric pollutants.Serves as a graduate textbook and "must have" reference for all atmospheric scientistsProvides more than 5000 references to the literature through the end of 1998Presents tables of new actinic flux data for the troposphere and stratospher (0-40km)Summarizes kinetic and photochemical date for the troposphere and stratosphereFeatures problems at the end of most chapters to enhance the book's use in teachingIncludes applications of the OZIPR box model with comprehensive chemistry for student use
Publication Date:
17 / 11 / 1999

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