Chlamydomonas Sourcebook: Organellar and Metabolic Processes

Chlamydomonas Sourcebook: Organellar and Metabolic Processes by Unknown
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This second volume of The Chlamydomonas Sourcebook provides the background and techniques for using this important organism in plant research. From biogenesis of chloroplasts and mitochondria and photosynthesis to respiration and nitrogen assimilation, this volume introduces scientists to the functions of the organism. The volume then moves on to starch biosynthesis, sulfur metabolism, response to heavy metals, and hydrogen production.* Describes molecular techniques, analysis of the recently sequenced genome, and reviews of the current status of the diverse fields in which Chlamydomonas is used as a model organism* Includes contributions from leaders in particular areas of research* Provides methods for Chlamydomonas research and best practices for applications in research, including methods for culture, preservation of cultures, preparation of media, lists of inhibitors and other additives to culture media* Assists researchers with common laboratory problems such as contamination* Includes valuable student demonstrations and properties of particular strains and mutants* Edited by the leading researcher in Chlamydomonas science
Publication Date:
24 / 02 / 2009

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