CIMA Official Exam Practice Kit Performance Management

CIMA Official Exam Practice Kit Performance Management by Jo Avis

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CIMA EXAM PRACTICE KITS ARE THE ONLY PRACTICE MATERIALS ENDORSED BY CIMA Fully updated for the new 2010 syllabus examinations, the CIMA Official Exam Practice Kit contains a bank of questions to help you prepare for your examination. Supplementing the Official Learning System, this Exam Practice Kit focuses purely on applying what has been learned to pass the exam. It is ideal for independent study or tutored revision courses, helping you to prepare with confidence for exam day and pass the new syllabus first time. The CIMA Exam Practice Kit includes: * Exam standard multiple choice questions * detailed explanations or calculations for each answer, showing why the answer is correct * Type and weighting of questions which match the format of the exam * CBA style mock paper * Tailor-made design closely following the structure of the CIMA learning system and CIMA's learning outcomes OFFICIALLY BY CIMA AND WRITTEN BY LEADING CIMA TUTORS, THE EXAM PRACTICE KITS PROVIDE A VALUABLE INSIGHT ON HOW TO SCORE TOP MARKS
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2009

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