CIMA Revision Card Fundamentals of Business Maths

CIMA Revision Card Fundamentals of Business Maths by Jo Avis

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CIMA Revision Card Fundamentals of Business Maths provides complete coverage of the CIMA syllabus in notes. This handy kit, the only revision aids recommended by CIMA, saves you time by distilling the contents of your CIMA Learning System down to bite-sized chunks, focusing only on the key points you need to pass your exam. This new revised edition reflects changes in the Learning System. This book covers basic mathematics; obtaining data; presentation of data; descriptive statistics; index numbers; financial mathematics; correlation and regression; time series; probability; and spreadsheets. Diagrams and bulleted lists show key points as clearly and concisely as possible, making them easy to learn and remember. Study tips are included to guide you in the right direction. This book will appeal to General Accounting students, and especially to CIMA students taking Fundamentals of Business Maths module- 2006 syllabus.* New revised edition to reflect changes in the Learning System * Exam focused, pocket sized revision guides summarising the key topics of the CIMA syllabus * Diagrams and tables throughout reinforce key concepts and aid memory retention and recall * Easily portable size - revision on the move
Publication Date:
16 / 09 / 2008

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