Management Accounting-Performance Evaluation

Management Accounting-Performance Evaluation by Robert Scarlett
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The 2006 edition of CIMA's Official Study Systems have been fully updated to reflect any changes in the syllabus. Key sections of the 2006 Study Systems are again written by examiners so each text fully reflects what could be tested in the exam.

Updated to incorporate legislative and syllabus changes, the 2006 Study Systems provide complete study material for the May and November 2005 exams. The new edition maintains the popular loose-leaf format and contains:
* practice questions throughout
* complete revision section
* topic summaries
* recommended reading articles from a range of journals
* May 2005 Q & A's

* The official study systems are the only study materials endorsed by CIMA
* Updated to reflect changhes in the syllabus with key sections written by examiners
* Complete integrated package incorporating syllabus guidance, full text, recommended articles, revision guides and extensive question practice
Publication Date:
29 / 08 / 2005

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