Citrix XenApp™ Platinum Edition Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide

Citrix XenApp™ Platinum Edition Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide by Citrix Sytems Inc
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The Only Official Guide to All Components of Citrix XenApp Platinum EditionCitrix XenApp, the new name for Citrix Presentation Server, is an end-to-end Windows application delivery system that offers both client-side and server-side application virtualization, for optimal application performance and flexible delivery options. It's the best access experience for any user. With the secure application architecture, organizations can centralize applications and data in secure data centers, reducing costs of management and support, increasing data security, and ensuring fast, reliable performance.

Build and maintain a scalable, cost-effective, and secure enterprise application delivery infrastructure with expert advice from the Citrix Product Development Team. Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide explains how to configure hardware and software and centrally manage enterprise resources. You'll learn to use Citrix Conferencing Manager, Citrix Access Gateway, Citrix Password Manager, and other tools. The book also includes in-depth coverage of advanced troubleshooting techniques, disk and memory tuning methods, and security strategies.

Deploy Citrix XenApp across a large enterprise successfully

Understand the network bandwidth requirements of server-to-server communication, and communication between Access Management Console and servers

Secure remote access with Citrix Access Gateway

Administer and customize Citrix Password Manager

Maximize the capabilities of Citrix Conferencing Manager

Secure Citrix XenApp using certificates, encryption, and smart cards

Configure Virtual IP addressing, PDA synchronization, and SpeedScreen browser acceleration

Gain insights from Citrix eLabs server load and capacity hardware testing
Publication Date:
02 / 06 / 2008

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