Classical and Quantum Information

By: Dan C. Marinescu

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A new discipline, Quantum Information Science, has emerged in the last two decades of the twentieth century at the intersection of Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Quantum Information Processing is an application of Quantum Information Science which covers the transformation, storage, and transmission of quantum information; it represents a revolutionary approach to information processing. This book covers topics in quantum computing, quantum information theory, and quantum error correction, three important areas of quantum information processing. Quantum information theory and quantum error correction build on the scope, concepts, methodology, and techniques developed in the context of their close relatives, classical information theory and classical error correcting codes. Presents recent results in quantum computing, quantum information theory, and quantum error correcting codes. Covers both classical and quantum information theory and error correcting codes. The last chapter of the book covers physical implementation of quantum information processing devices. Covers the mathematical formalism and the concepts in Quantum Mechanics critical for understanding the properties and the transformations of quantum information.
Publication Date:
07 / 01 / 2011

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