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    Clever Dog!: Train Your Dog to be Really Useful

    By: Gwen Bailey

    Date Released

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    In her latest book‚ Gwen Bailey‚ respected dog behaviourist and trainer‚ demonstrates how to teach your dog to do really useful things around the house. She explains why dogs benefit from having 'jobs' to do and shows how to train your clever dog to do things like putting rubbish in the bin‚ shutting doors and turning on lights.

    The first section of the books shows how dogs learn by a combination of rewards‚ timing‚ repetition and signals. Gwen explains how training your dog is an enjoyable way of developing a good rapport and communication with your dog. Then‚ with specially-commissioned step-by-step photography‚ she demonstrates 20 useful tricks to work on with your dog‚ so that eventually you not only have a very useful companion around the house‚ but also a dog you are proud to take anywhere.

    Tricks include:
    * Go to bed
    * Take a message
    * Shut door
    * Turn out light
    * Put rubbish in the bin (tidy up toys)
    * Bring your lead (shoes‚ post etc)
    * Find lost keys
    * Carry groceries
    * Load the washing machine
    * Bring the phone when it rings
    * Ring bell to come in
    * Help take off socks
    * Pick up whatever you drop
    * Wave goodbye to guests

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