Clinicians Guide to Evidence Based Practices: Mental Health and the Addictions

Clinicians Guide to Evidence Based Practices: Mental Health and the Addictions by Gerald P. Koocher

By: Gerald P. Koocher

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All mental health and addiction practitioners want to provide their patients with the most effective treatments. But with this comes the challenge of wading through the overwhelming amount of scientific research and integrating it with clinical expertise and patient values. Here, a trio of distinguished scientist-practitioners provide a concise, user-friendly guide to assist practitioners in implementing evidence-based practices (EBP). Learn the core skills for conducting evidence-based practice through AAA TIE: DT Ask a specific, clinical question DT Access the best available research DT Appraise critically that research evidence DT Translate that research into practice with a particular patient DT Integrate the clinicians expertise and patients characteristics, culture, and preferences with the research DT Evaluate the effectiveness of the entire process No book covers EBPs in mental health as concisely and accessibly as the Clinicians Guide. An accompanying CD features expanded content, interactive examples, and hyperlinked references. The Clinicians Guide does not merely explain EBPs; it gives skills to apply them to better serve patients and improve outcomes. Containing numerous practical examples and following three case vignettes throughout, the Clinicians Guide teaches you how to actualize EBPs in your own practice.
Publication Date:
26 / 03 / 2008

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