CMOS Nanoelectronics: Analog and RF VLSI Circuits

CMOS Nanoelectronics: Analog and RF VLSI Circuits by Krzysztof Iniewski

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In-depth coverage of integrated circuit design on the nanoscale level

Written by international experts in industry and academia, CMOS Nanoelectronics addresses the state of the art in integrated circuit design in the context of emerging systems. New, exciting opportunities in body area networks, wireless communications, data networking, and optical imaging are discussed. This cutting-edge guide explores emerging design concepts for very low power and describes design approaches for RF transceivers, high-speed serial links, PLL/DLL, and ADC/DAC converters.

CMOS Nanoelectronics covers:

Portable high-efficiency polar transmitters

All-digital RF signal generation

Frequency multiplier design

Tunable CMOS RF filters

GaAs HBT linear power amplifier design

High-speed serial I/O design

CDMA-based crosstalk cancellation

Delta-sigma fractional-N PLL

Delay locked loops

Digital clock generators

Analog design in deep submicron CMOS technologies

1/f noise reduction for linear analog CMOS ICs

Broadband high-resolution bandpass sigma-delta modulators

Analog/digital conversion specifications for power line communication systems

Digital-to-analog converters for LCDs

Sub-1-V CMOS bandgap reference design

And much more
Publication Date:
19 / 07 / 2011

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