By: Merrill Anderson

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As the field of business coaching has expanded and evolved over the last decade, many different approaches to business coaching have been created. The authors of Coaching that Counts have written a practical, readable guide for developing, delivering and measuring high value business coaching.Coaching that Counts, combines insights and practical experience about how to achieve transformational change through the strategic application and evaluation of leadership coaching. The book provides expert guidance and is organized into three sections:-*Part one looks at proven client-centered approach to coach leaders within an organization with a focus on creating value for the individual.*Part two shows how to effectively manage coaching as a business initiative.*Part three provides knowledge, ideas and tools to evaluate the monetary and intangible value of coaching.* Demonstrates how to build accountability into the coaching process* Breaks new ground by introducing a powerful process for designing, delivering, and measuring coaching* Presents the combined wisdom of top business coaches
Publication Date:
14 / 12 / 2004

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