Cognitive Assessment for Clinicians

Cognitive Assessment for Clinicians by John R Hodges

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There have been enormous advances over the last decade in our understanding of cognitive function, particularly aspects of memory, language and attention, but these have not been made accessible to clinicians. This book aims to incorporate these advances in theory into clinical practice and to provide a practical approach to cognitive valuation at the bedside, based on methods developed at the Cambridge clinic over the past 15 years. Designed primarily forneurologists, psychiatrists and geriatricians in training who require a practical guide to assessing higher mental function, the book will also be of interest to clinical psychologists.In this long-awaited second edition, John Hodges has substantially re-organised and expanded on the original text. The book includes a new chapter devoted to the Revised Version of the Addenbrookes Cognitive Examination (ACE-R), with a description of its uses and limitations along with normative data. Given the importance of the early detection of dementia a chapter is dedicated to this topic which draws on advances over the past decade. Several new illustrative case histories have also beenadded and all of the case descriptions have been orientated around the use of the ACE-R in clinical practice.
Publication Date:
16 / 08 / 2007

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