Collaboration with Cloud Computing

Collaboration with Cloud Computing by Ric Messier

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Collaboration with Cloud Computing discusses the risks associated with implementing these technologies across the enterprise and provides you with expert guidance on how to manage risk through policy changes and technical solutions. Drawing upon years of practical experience and using numerous examples and case studies, author Ric Messier discusses: The evolving nature of information securityThe risks, rewards, and security considerations when implementing SaaS, cloud computing and VoIP Social media and security risks in the enterprise The risks and rewards of allowing remote connectivity and accessibility to the enterprise networkDiscusses the risks associated with technologies such as social media, voice over IP (VoIP) and cloud computing and provides guidance on how to manage that risk through policy changes and technical solutionsPresents a detailed look at the risks and rewards associated with cloud computing and storage as well as software as a service (SaaS) and includes pertinent case studiesExplores the risks associated with the use of social media to the enterprise networkCovers the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, including policy considerations and technical requirements
Publication Date:
07 / 04 / 2014

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