Collins Family Garden by Lucy Peel
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192 x 265mm

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A Practical Guide to Creating a Fun and Safe Family Garden.

'Collins Family Garden' is about creating a garden that will suit all members of the family - whatever their age and interests.

If you want a garden children can play safely in and that adults can also enjoy, this book has the answers. Most gardening books don't cater for the varying needs of family life. Many parents simply don't have time to dedicate to gardening, yet would like a garden that will look good, with minimum time and effort. 'Collins Family Garden' is full of good ideas, whether you are starting a garden from scratch or adapting what you have.

The book starts by looking at basic design issues including how to make the most of your garden, whatever its size, and how to include elements that will appeal to all members of your family. It contains chapters on surfaces, boundaries, buildings and easy planting to give you a practical structure to your garden, as well as ideas on how to have fun safely.

It is packed with ways to enjoy your time in the garden, from the best garden furniture for relaxing, to sand pits, swimming pools and slides. There is also a chapter on pets and wildlife in the garden and a useful chapter on first aid and safety. In all, 'Collins Family Garden' is a practical and inspirational book, designed to make sure the whole family enjoys the garden.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2002
192 x 265mm

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