Collins Gem: 100 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Collins Gem: 100 Ways To Boost Your Immune System by Theresa Cheung
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117 x 82mm
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Tiredness‚ frequent colds‚ infections‚ allergies‚ mood swings and premature aging are all common manifestations of a weakened immunity. Your immune system is your invisible bodyguard‚ fighting off invasion and working tirelessly around the clock to keep you fit and healthy. But how can you support your immune system and give it the strength it needs to keep up the good work?

Gem 100 Ways to Boost Your Immune System has all of the tips and advice you'll need for an instant self-defence plan. It's easy to maximise your potential for high-level health‚ happiness and vitality by following simple steps everyday.

Part one of the book includes information on:

How your immune system works

Understanding the germs that cause infection

What your doctor can offer; the pros and cons of antibiotics

Fighting infection naturally

Building a strong immune system

Common immunity myths

The second part of the book is split into helpful sections‚ including Lifestyle‚ Diet and Nutrition‚ Complementary Therapies and Mind and Emotions. 100 practical immune boosters give instant information on how you can build and strengthen your immune system from day to day. Whether using stress management techniques‚ or eating super foods for better health‚ this is the ideal handbag reference for instant results.
Publication Date:
02 / 02 / 2009
117 x 82mm

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