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    By: Collins

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    Adding a pond to your garden creates a haven of tranquillity and serenity at any time of the year. 'Gem Garden Ponds' is the comprehensive beginner's guide to mastering the practicalities of pond styles, materials and wildlife.

    A pond with a creative use of plants can transform your garden into an oasis teeming with wildlife. 'Gem Garden Ponds' is the indispensable guide to creating the perfect pond, giving the reader clear guidance on the practical process.

    This practical, pocket-sized beginner's guide gives unrivalled advice on every step of pond construction.

    Contents include: planning your pond and necessary material; selecting and installing plants, fish and wildlife; help on planting combinations and a maintenance guide; plant directory provides essential information on over 50 pond plants; and care tip boxes offering invaluable advice on tending to individual plants.

    An enthusiastic beginner will gain the confidence to create, build and maintain an exciting garden pond with the help of this information-packed, portable guide.

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