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    Collins Gem: Space: Discover The History Of Space Exploration

    By: David Hawksett

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    What is space, how have we tried to map it in the past, and how do we explore it today?

    'Gem Space' offers a concise introduction to:
    -how the origins of space have been explained, including the Big Bang theory
    -how we view what is in space, from the first telescopes to modern astrophotography
    -how man has tried to map and measure space, from primitive star maps drawn on cave walls, to computer generated charts
    -how gravity, eclipses, meteorites and satellites affect life on earth, and the importance of space technology
    -the planets, stars and galaxies that make up our universe
    -the rockets, satellites and probes that have been sent into space
    -the first man on the moon, and how astronauts and cosmonauts survive in space
    -the future of space exploration: where will we go next?

    Including information on how to start stargazing, planetary data, spacecraft missions and useful websites, 'Gem Space' also tells you how to take the next step to learn more.

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