Collins Language Survival Guide: Greece - CD Pack

Collins Language Survival Guide: Greece - CD Pack by Various
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Disc & Paperback
246 x 160mm

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The Visual Phrasebook and Dictionary CD Pack.

This CD Pack includes the title 'Collins Language Survival Guide: Greece' and a CD with a realistic and usable grasp of the French language in easy digestible chunks.

Why don't things abroad work the same way as at home when they look so familiar? This book is an illustrated phrase book for situations where you don't need words, with those essential phrases when you do. This key to hassle-free travel features:
- Answers to the questions you want to ask
- The Greek you need to know
- The practical know-how to get by
- Up-to-date dictionary containing practical vocabulary
- An illustrated menu reader to help you sample the best food

Beginning with key words and useful vocabulary, the CD allows the listener to build both basic knowledge and confidence. The next section allows you to combine what you have learnt with everyday phrases you will be using throughout your stay. Different situations are covered, such as ordering food, booking accommodation, buying tickets and dealing with problems and complaints. The CD ends with a series of simple dialogues.
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2003
246 x 160mm

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