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    Collins Need To Know Weddings

    By: Unknown

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    Find out how traditions can either be followed to the letter, used as a framework for a more personalised ceremony, or dispensed with altogether. This book covers not only the classic white Christian wedding, but many other denominations and faiths and there is information on civil and alternative weddings too.

    Most importantly, we have included a separate section at the end of the book with checklists and organizational charts for the reader to fill in. With these as a constant reference, you can rest assured nothing will slip your mind when organazing a wedding.

    - The engagement
    - Different types of wedding (including weddings abroad)
    - Legal requirements
    - Etiquette – who traditionally does what
    - The wedding service and ceremony
    - Organising the reception
    - Budgeting for a wedding
    - The bride's preparations
    - Invitations
    - Photography & filming

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