Collins New World Atlas

Collins New World Atlas by Various
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This is a completely new style of world atlas - both a high quality reference atlas, and a visually stunning collection of images depicting the nature of the Earth. It presents new ways of visualising the Earth through the use of maps, satellite images, space and aerial photography, three-dimensional terrain models and graphics.

The information is presented in continental sections which are distinctively colour-coded. The mapping for each continent is introduced by a series of highly illustrated thematic spreads. These include detailed statistics and flags of all countries and territories, and cover such topics as landscapes and land use, climate and weather, population, cities and specific environmental and geographical issues. Similar topics are also covered in a world section at the beginning of the book.

The reference mapping is completely new and provides comprehensive and balanced coverage of the world in an innovative, attractive and highly accessible style. The index contains over 80,000 place names and includes full cross-referencing and new gazetteer-style entries for significant places and features.

All the information in the book is made highly accessible through extensive cross-referencing and the use of "connections" devices which allow the user to move easily through the book and learn far more about the world
Publication Date:
18 / 11 / 2003

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