Collins Paperback English Dictionary - 4 ed

Collins Paperback English Dictionary - 4 ed by Various
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207 x 152mm

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This brand new edition of Collins Paperback English Dictionary is specially tailored to meet the needs of the user in home, school, and office.

The words and meanings given are those most likely to be encountered in general use across a wide range of subject areas, including those in the school curriculum. All meanings are written in a clear easy-to-understand style and examples have been taken from the Bank of English to show natural everyday usage so the dictionary is relevant to today's user. Spelling help is provided by the inclusion of thousands of spelling forms shown in bold type.

In addition there are newly compiled usage notes throughout the text which give details of past and present usage and advise the user on current best practice.

New words and new meanings arising from Collins English Dictionaries' continuous language monitoring program have been added, ensuring that the text is completely up to date and reflects the language of today.

Collins Paperback English Dictionary offers all the excellence expected from a Collins Dictionary in a convenient and affordable format. Completely redesigned, it presents a more attractive and accessible package than ever before.
Publication Date:
30 / 12 / 1999
207 x 152mm

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