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    Whether it's a tea break, a bus ride, or at the end of a long day, sometimes you just want a quick puzzle to settle down with. All of the puzzles in the Collins Quick series are designed to fit into short breaks - and will gently stimulate your brain just the right amount.

    Crosswords are perhaps the most traditional and loved of all the puzzles, and remain ever-popular. This collection is packed full of puzzles - providing more puzzles for your money than any other Crossword book available.

    We've also created a new type of package - a notepad inside a hardcover. It won't get squashed, you won't have to hold the pages flat, and you can tear them out when you're done. And in case you like to scribble some notes to help you work out the answers, we've made a special box on every page for that too.

    So if you want to feel just a little cleverer and a whole lot more relaxed, pick up a pen and prepare to unwind...

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