Collins Watercolour Flower Painting

Collins Watercolour Flower Painting by Hazel Soan

By: Hazel Soan

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The workshop approach to learning to paint is based on active participation by the student under the guidance of a professional tutor. In Watercolour Flower Painting Workshop instructional teaching is carefully combined with practical work, and its aim is to inspire you to create beautiful flower paintings in a style that is very much your own.

This book contains a number of features to encourage you to try out techniques for yourself — just as if you were actually attending a painting workshop — and to stimulate you to create your own original work. These include:

Projects of varying degrees of difficulty and with a system of self -assessment to monitor progress
Exercises to put theory into practice
Demonstrations — developing a painting step by step
Methods and materials — comprehensive guidelines to improve painting skills
Practical tips — helpful hints and checklists
Ideas and inspiration — varied subject matter, including flowers with still life, gardens, patios and pots, flowers in the wild, flower studies and exotics
Publication Date:
23 / 08 / 1999

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