Coming Apart At The Seams

Coming Apart At The Seams by Sweet Lucy
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Sweet Lucy
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Evie thinks she's got the future all sewn up. She's fleeing twenty years of chaos, cat hairs and dirty dishes with her messy, crazy artist parents for the bright lights of Glasgow. Neat, tidy Evie envisages a life of streamlined, tailor-made serenity as she trains to be a couturier. It's a secret from her parents, who have a habit of accidentally yet catastrophically ruining her plans. After a disastrous party, Evie storms out to start her new life, earlier than intended. It’s not the clean slate she imagined it to be. Her choice of living arrangements are either hideous or freaky - the best option is sharing with a messy art student called Alice, a wild haired bohemian who has a semi naked man called Mickey sleeping on her living room floor. That is, until she spies a modest card in the newsagent’s window, seeking a quiet, tidy flatmate. But Evie soon finds that things are not so clear cut. Could Alice turn out to be her saviour? It's only when Evie loosens her grip that everything falls into place.
Publication Date:
15 / 08 / 2006

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