Communication in Organisations CMIOLP

Communication in Organisations CMIOLP by Kate Williams

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The new edition of the Chartered Management Institute's Open Learning Programme has been updated to include the latest management concepts and methodologies. It includes current management concepts, the changing legal framework in which managers operate and the impact of technology in the work environment. The scope of the workbooks has been broadened to enable more generic and stand-alone use of the materialsEach workbook has a new introduction that places the subject area within the context of the managerial role and the end of each section now has a learning summary.The final summaries from the first editions have been replaced with a section entitled Toolkits for Busy Managers that includes links to other workbooks in the series, links to relevant BH / CMI textbooks, further reading, website addresses, and trade journalsUser & mentor guides are now a downloadable resource from BH website.*Processes for effective communication - models, barriers*The impact of e-technology in the workplace*International aspects of communication*Presenting information formally and informally*Facilitating effective meetings
Publication Date:
28 / 01 / 2005

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