Communication Matters by Kory Floyd
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Communication Matters:Because great communicators are made not born.Through Communication Matters’ highly interactive program students learn that our instincts aren’t as good as we think they are and develop the skills needed to become effective communicators. The program prompts students to question their assumptions helps them to move beyond their personal daily communication experiences and challenges them to think critically about why and how they communicate in the ways they do.Connect for Communication Matters Second Edition reflects our increasingly diverse interactive and digital world by using hands-on features. Through an interactive eBook a suite of student videos for public speaking and dynamic online activities students are urged to consider which choices are likely to be effective and which less so. LearnSmart McGraw-Hill’s adaptive learning system assesses students’ knowledge of course content and maps out personalized study plans for success. The result: Students are able to internalize core communication principles adapt their communication behavior more effectively and actively apply those strategies to all aspects of their lives.
Publication Date:
14 / 01 / 2013

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