Complete Good Fat Bad Fat, Carb & Calorie Counter

Complete Good Fat/ Bad Fat, Carb & Calorie Counter by Lynn Sonberg

By: Lynn Sonberg

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The history of diets, weightloss, and health has been a volatile one. Once we thought that calories were all that mattered, then we decided it was fat that was the enemy, then came the lowcarb craze. The current conventional wisdom is that there's no one, easy answer, and all of these factors contribute to weight gain and health in different ways. Perhaps the most unexpected discovery is that some fats (like olive oil and omega fats) are actually good for you! This book is the first available resource that really gets to the bottom of current dietary thinking. It is invaluable for calculating the amount and type of fats, calories and carbs in over 3,500 foods commonly found on supermarket shelves and in restaurants. For dieters on everything from the South Beach Diet to the Mediterranean Diet to the Fat Smash Diet, this is the goto resource for getting the most uptodate and complete nutrition information available.
Publication Date:
22 / 02 / 2011

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