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This practical reference provides in-depth information required to understand and properly estimate compressor capabilities and to select the proper designs. Engineers and students will gain a thorough understanding of compression principles, equipment, applications, selection, sizing, installation, and maintenance. The many examples clearly illustrate key aspects to help readers understand the "real world" of compressor technology.Compressors: Selection and Sizing, third edition is completely updated with new API standards. Additions requested by readers include a new section on diaphragm compressors in the reciprocating compressors chapter, and a new section on rotor dynamics stability in the chapter on diaphragm compressors.The latest technology is presented in the areas of efficiency, 3-D geometry, electronics, CAD, and the use of plant computers. The critical chapter on negotiating the purchase of a compressor now reflects current industry practices for preparing detailed specifications, bid evaluations, engineering reviews, and installation. A key chapter compares the reliability of various types of compressors.* Everything you need to select the right compressor for your specific application.* Practical information on compression principles, equipment, applications, selection, sizing, installation, and maintenance.* New sections on diaphragm compressors and an introduction to rotor dynamics stability.
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30 / 08 / 2011

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