Confessions of a Teen Nanny #2: Rich Girls

Confessions of a Teen Nanny #2: Rich Girls by Victoria Ashton
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Why I hate Cameron Warner:1. She stole my boyfriend.2. She is the richest teen in NYC, with more designer shoes than a department store.3. I have to plan a party so she can be crowned Debutante of the Year. Like I care!4. Did I mention: She stole my boyfriend!!!!Sixteen-year-old Adrienne Lewis is a nanny in the fabulous Warner penthouse high above Manhattan. Every day, Adrienne watches eight-year-old Emma after school and constantly tangles with Emma's beautiful but wicked teenage half sister, Cameron. In the meantime, Adrienne's best friend, Liz Braun, has also gotten caught in the seductive web of society, going out on jaw-dropping dates with the devilishly handsome and wealthy Parker Devlin. But is Parker playing Liz, or is this just how the rich play? And can money really buy everything for girls like Cameron—including Adrienne's own boyfriend?
Publication Date:
14 / 04 / 2009

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