Conquering Complexity in Your Business: How Wal-Mart, Toyota, and Other Top Companies Are Breaking Through the Ceiling on Profits and Growth

By: Michael George, Stephen A. Wilson

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Conquering the complexity in products and services can generate larger contributions to profits and growth than nearly any other business strategy Here's a guarantee: Somewhere in your business, there is too much complexity. You may also be losing out by having too little complexity where it counts - in the products, services and options you offer to customers. Either way, the impact of complexity is enormous in terms of lost profit and missed growth opportunities.

Conquering Complexity in Your Business shows how to break through the ceiling on profits and growth by implementing the three rules for conquering complexity:

Eliminating complexity that customers will not pay for

Exploiting the complexity that customers will pay for

Minimizing the costs of the complexity you offer

You'll find methods and tools you need to:

Identify the offering and process complexity in your business

Quantify the impact of that complexity

Decide which complexity you want to keep and which to eliminate

Select specific approaches to eliminate different kinds of complexity This knowledge will significantly improve your ability to grow profit, revenue, and shareholder value.
Publication Date:
12 / 07 / 2004

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