Conversations on Consciousness

Conversations on Consciousness by Susan Blackmore

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Blackmore explores the big questions on the nature of brains, minds, and consciousness, through twenty lively and engaging interviews with some of the best-known personalities from the worlds of science and philosophy. - ;A delightful collection of interviews with 20 famous names in the study of consciousness. Sue Blackmore, herself a writer on consciousness, engages in conversation with each of these very different personalities, drawing out their views on the nature of the mind, on how what goes on in the network of neurons in the brain produces our vivid experiences, and whether we have free will. The collection includes interviews with such well-known names as Daniel Dennett, John Searle, DavidChalmers, Francis Crick (the last interview he gave), V. Ramachandran, Roger Penrose, Richard Gregory, and Susan Greenfield. The interviews are conducted in an informal but focused style, bringing out the personality of each interviewee, and giving the reader a very accessible and readableintroduction to their ideas, and to the central scientific and philosophical challenges involved in understanding the nature of mind and consciousness. - ;A great read for someone studying, or itnerested in the study of consciousness. - BBC Mindgames;Blackmore herself comes across as spunky and clever, and the probing follow-up questions she occasionally asks prevent the interviews from seeming too repetitive and boring. - Nature;"the book provides a very efficient overview of contemporary strands of thinking about its subject." - Steven Poole, The Guardian
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10 / 11 / 2005

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