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    By: Leslie Kenton

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    Recipes to Help You Live Longer, Look Younger, Feel Better
    Packed with Lean Feasts, Vitality Secrets and Power Foods

    Leslie Kenton's 'Cook Energy' is not only a one-stop guide to the life-enhancing power of food - it's a dynamic new approach to cooking and eating that is quick, easy and enormous fun. Packed with the latest information about the nutraceutical properties of food and with fresh, full-flavoured recipes, it shows how you can call on ingredients to enhance your energy, alter your mood, strengthen your body and protect yourself from illness and premature ageing.

    With mouthwatering photography by Leslie herself, 'Cook Energy' allows you to indulge in the pleasure of eating deliciously well, enjoying food that will help you look good and feel great decade after decade.

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