Coping, Health and Organizations

Coping, Health and Organizations by Phil Dewe

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The consequences of ineffective coping are evident in the health of individuals and organisations. This book brings together a wealth of research and thinking about coping in occupational settings.Coping, Health and Organizations begins by looking at measurement of coping with stress. The theoretical and psychometric considerations discussed in the opening section of the book explore the principles for successful evaluation of coping, and the effectiveness of organizational support. The book continues, going through various problems in work including acute disasters, coping with subjective health problems, and then goes on to look at what companies can do to reduce factors that result in stress. The book concludes by looking at the debates of the past and present and discusses the future of coping at work.Key Features:* Stress at work and its affect on both the individual and the company is becoming an increasingly important factor in business today* Brings together a wealth of research and thinking about stress in occupational settings* A very forward thinking book
Publication Date:
02 / 09 / 2003

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