Coraline Graphic Novel

Coraline Graphic Novel by Neil Gaiman
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228 x 152mm

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A brilliant graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman's critically acclaimed novel for young people. When Coraline moves to a new home, she is fascinated by the fact that the 'house' is really only half a house- it was divided into flats years before. And it soon becomes clear toCoraline that the other flat is not quite as cosy and safe as her own.

Coraline is not the kind of girl to be put off by a sign of danger read in some tea-leaves or indeed a message sent to her by some very talented mice! No, she is the kind of girl who faces a challenge with bravery, intelligence and a lot of determination. Which is just as well because she is going to need all those skills, and more, in this wonderful, spooky tale of a girl caught on the wrong side of a door, with counterfeit parents who have buttons for eyes and who clearly do not intend to set her free.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2008
228 x 152mm

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