Corporate Entrepreneurship: How to Create a Thriving Entrepreneurial Spirit Throughout Your Company

Corporate Entrepreneurship: How to Create a Thriving Entrepreneurial Spirit Throughout Your Company by Robert Hisrich, Claudine Kearney

By: Robert Hisrich, Claudine Kearney

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Beat the competition with INTERNAL INNOVATION

If 3M’s corporate leadership hadn’t given researcher Art Fry a creative outlet, the world would never have seen the Post-it Note . . .

Corporate entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, mavericks. No matter what name they go by, these innovators are the pioneering forces within an organization who spark new enterprises, products, services, and processes to combat increased global competition.

Corporate Entrepreneurship shows you how to develop and grow your organization by designing the culture, structure, strategies, and policies that encourage and support internal entrepreneurial ventures. Bestselling author and world-renowned entrepreneur Robert Hisrich teams up with global management expert Claudine Kearney to provide action plans, techniques, and insights for establishing an organizational culture that allows intrapreneurs to develop the entrepreneurial ventures that will secure value and generate new growth in your company.

Every day, globalization and technological advancements continue to put more of your competitors within reach of your customers. In order for your company to stay attractive and thrive, you need the proven tools and tactics in this book to:

Identify, evaluate, and fund venture opportunities

Recognize bright corporate entrepreneurs and create their compensation plans

Create business plans that avoid failure, optimize success, and develop and sustain corporate venturing

Manage the internal politics of venturing

Effectively implement corporate venturing into your organization

Hisrich uses illustrative examples from his experience consulting for such global companies as 3M, Alcoa, Westinghouse, Citi, and many others. Through informative, well-researched case studies, he demonstrates how his concepts help companies prosper over the long run, gain market share, and stay on the cutting edge of their potential.

If your employees aren’t innovating, your company is losing its competitive edge. Use Corporate Entrepreneurship to give your mavericks what they need to keep your company on top—all over the world.
Publication Date:
17 / 08 / 2011

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