Corporate Financial Strategy

Corporate Financial Strategy by Ruth Bender

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Corporate Financial Strategy presents a practical guide to how corporate finance can be used to add value to a business. Explaining the elements of a financial strategy, it shows how these can be tailored to suit the needs of an organisation and complement its business strategy.The third edition of this bestselling textbook brings together the extensive commercial and academic experience of Dr Bender and Professor Ward. Including an abundance of diagrams and examples, the book explains the business and financial issues which underlie the investment cases and business plans used in making strategic decisions and in raising finance from lenders and investors. This book is an essential read for all those involved in designing and implementing corporate and financial strategy.* What financial instruments should be used at each stage of the company's lifecycle, and why?* Is there any benefit to floating the company, and how do we go about it?* What are the pitfalls and practicalities in making and financing an acquisition?* How does the world of private equity work?* Does corporate governance have any impact on financial strategy?* What should be done if the company starts to fail?
Publication Date:
15 / 09 / 2008

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