Corporate Portals and eBusiness Integration

Corporate Portals and eBusiness Integration by Mark Davydov

By: Mark Davydov

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Give customers, clients, and coworkers easier access to your organization's information and services The e-business environment is a tangle of disconnected and often incompatible data sources and applications. Today's hottest business tools -- corporate portals--make it easier to navigate that maze. Corporate Portals and e-Business Integration explains what portals are, and how you can seamlessly integrate them into your corporation's e-business infrastructure. You learn about integration techniques developed at companies such as Dell, Cisco, and Broderbund Software. Like these leading-edge firms, you can apply corporate portals to cut costs, improve business intelligence, enhance Internet access, increase security, provide better, faster customer service online, and more.

Look to this concise-yet-comprehensive guide to determine how to:

*Better understand --and manage--the e-business needs of every user

*Provide better, faster online customer service while increasing on-line security

*Structure your technologies to fully exploit the world of e-business opportunities

*Transform your organization -- and establish a strong, flexible, and progressive e-business strategy
Publication Date:
22 / 04 / 2001

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