Correct Your Spanish Blunders, 2nd Edition

Correct Your Spanish Blunders, 2nd Edition by Jean Yates
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A witty, fast-paced guide to eliminating those annoying and frustrating Spanish bloopers

Mixing genders, inverting subjects and objects, and trusting falsos amigos (a.k.a., false cognates) are just a few of the blunders English-speaking Spanish-language learners commonly make. In Correct Your Spanish Blunders, veteran Spanish teacher Jean Yates identifies these and other common trouble spots and clearly explains the reasons behind them. You will discover how grammar patterns of Spanish differ from those of English and why trying to translate word for word, structure for structure, from English, can lead to big trouble.

You will learn to break bad habits and correct your mistakes while developing a much more natural feel for Spanish language patterns­­ with the help of:

More than 1,000 highlighted examples of common blunders to avoid

A free app available on iTunes for interactive practice for obliterating those blunders

Numerous examples and practical exercises

Quick-reference panels for checking correct tense forms

A "Hall of Shame" compendium of bad errors to recognize and correct
Publication Date:
18 / 09 / 2012

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