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    Cosmetics Unmasked

    By: Dr Stephen & Gina Antczak

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    Your Family Guide to Safe Cosmetics and Allergy-Free Toiletries.

    A fifth of the chemicals used by the cosmetics industry are known to cause harm. That's over 1,000 commonly used substances. We're increasingly careful about the content of the food we eat, but when it comes to the chemicals which we daily massage into our skin, soak up in the bath, scrub our teeth and gums with or paint on to our delicate facial skin we are very trusting.

    This essential guide includes:
    - What's really in all the main cosmetic products - from lipstick and deodorant to baby wipes and sun cream
    - The low-down on all the commonly used, and often meaningless, marketing jargon
    - Key information on allergies, skin conditions, baby care, animal testing, safe suntans and anti-ageing products
    - Safe baby and child products

    Dr Stephen Antczak is a chemistry teacher and former research chemist. He had become aware that chemicals labelled as "harmful", "irritant" or "corrosive" in his laboratory were sometimes used in everyday products. This book is the valuable and sometimes startling result of his research.

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