Crossing The Line by Karen Traviss
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111 x 178mm

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The exciting sequel to 'City Of Pearl', from a talented new voice in science fiction.

Welcome to the front lines, where the first contact between worlds and species has created a flash point in the battle to expand across the universe. Welcome to a world where a precarious ecology means the slightest misstep can cause death - or worse . . . sometimes from those you even consider friends. Welcome to Cavanagh's Star.

Leading a mission to explore the planet and rescue a lost colony, Shan Frankland crossed the line between human and alien, between honour and morality, to save a world. Now, as four races prepare to battle for control of the planet - and the secrets it holds - she must find a way to stop the coming invasion. But Earth is determined to claim the planet for itself - despite the deadly alien wess'har who protect the world - and have formed an alliance with the rapacious, insectoid isenj. And Shan's former second-in-command will stop at nothing to kill Shan.

Mixing action, intrigue, politics, ecology, and fascinating aliens, Karen Traviss's second novel is an explosive follow-up to her crackerjack first novel, 'City Of Pearl'.
Publication Date:
02 / 05 / 2005
111 x 178mm

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