Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications

Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications by Thomas W. Cusick

By: Thomas W. Cusick

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Boolean functions are the building blocks of symmetric cryptographic systems. Symmetrical cryptographic algorithms are fundamental tools in the design of all types of digital security systems (i.e. communications, financial and e-commerce).Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications is a concise reference that shows how Boolean functions are used in cryptography. Currently, practitioners who need to apply Boolean functions in the design of cryptographic algorithms and protocols need to patch together needed information from a variety of resources (books, journal articles and other sources). This book compiles the key essential information in one easy to use, step-by-step reference. Beginning with the basics of the necessary theory the book goes on to examine more technical topics, some of which are at the frontier of current research.-Serves as a complete resource for the successful design or implementation of cryptographic algorithms or protocols using Boolean functions -Provides engineers and scientists with a needed reference for the use of Boolean functions in cryptography -Addresses the issues of cryptographic Boolean functions theory and applications in one concentrated resource. -Organized logically to help the reader easily understand the topic
Publication Date:
04 / 03 / 2009

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